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Who are we?

Federation is a collaboration hub where right people and right information come together, helping everyone get work done. We are a community of exporters, importers, bankers, CHAs and experts in international trade industry.

Mr. Abhijit Shinde (Founder of Import Export Federation) is a very accomplished exporter, consultant and trainer. A graduate in Engineering with MBA and many international certificates, was part of Wipro Consulting Group and served fortune 500 clients in UK, Netherlands and Singapore onsite. Has six years of domestic and international businesses in hospitality, real estate and international trade. His vision is to make India No 1 export country and he is doing that by creating exporters.

Our experts are actual practitioners who are renowned exporters, bankers handling accounts of top export companies, insurance company officers who issue insurance, government officers who issue licenses, CHAs handling more than 1000 containers or so.

Who are we?

Federation is contributing to India’s growth by educating people about Import Export, more than 60000 people across the world have attended our business webinars and workshops.

Our advanced Import Export Business program has helped many farmers, graduates, traders, manufacturers, women entrepreneurs, homemakers and IT professionals to start their businesses successfully.

Why we are better than others?

Ask them how many real success stories they have? How many shipments they did? Did they get any dollars in their own account? Have they helped anybody to get insurance claim? Finally ask them do they have a real buyer? If they say yes… then verify it once before taking any decision… talk to us once to know about our numbers…


Vision is "Simplifying Global Trade"
Mission is "Create 1000 Expoters next 5 Year and Export worth 10 Millio $">

Digitization and automation is rising very fast in India resulting in unemployment. All these unemployed people will come into domestic businesses which are easy to start with and this means cut throat competition. So it’s up to you if you want to join competition with all other unemployed or you want to make it something big ie International Business. Also manufacturers, producers, traders, farmers must explore global market to grow their businesses further. India has huge natural resources and manpower which is her strength but unfortunately we are not able to utilize it fully as we are far behind in global trade compared to other leading economies like USA and China. Numbers shows that there is huge scope to fulfill global demand with Indian products, so come forward and take this opportunity. Many entrepreneurs wish to explore International Business but they don’t know where to go. There search ends here, they should ask us, Federation, How to start Import Export Business?

Import Export Federation is a global network of producers, suppliers, traders, exporters, CHAs, Bankers, Importers, Brokers facilitating international trade. Federation provides complete knowledge and support to start and grow your Import Export Business. Federation also helps you in all matters related to Licenses, Permissions, Clearances, Marketing, Sourcing, Joint Ventures, and establishing Businesses overseas.

Our Experts delivers Seminars, Webinars, Onilne Training, Classroom Training, SME Consultancy in Foreign Trade to any interested individuals including students, company executives, businessmen, manufacturers, traders, farmers etc. You are always welcome to explore global opportunities with us.

Our Values are Innovation, Problem Solving and Collaboration
Mr.Abhijit Shinde
(Exporter, Consultant, Trainer )

An enthusiastic and experienced professional willing to make change in international trade industry. Since last two years Abhijit is heading Import Export Federation with a vision “simplify global trade”. Federation is a global network facilitating international trade. Federation’s achievement in last year is 20+ Export Success Stories and many more in pipeline.

Abhijit was part of IFISE and MyGlobalBusines which were engaged in Entrepreneurship development, StartUp consulting, Incubation, Investments, franchisee development businesses. Abhijit comes from engineering and management background, was part of prestigious ‘Wipro Consulting Group’ company and served fortune 500 companies in Europe and Asia to simplify their management and governance practices. He did overseas long term assignments in England, Netherlands, Belgium and Singapore and got to know these markets.

He left his high paid job and ventured into social development i.e. Janlokpal movement for a year and served the Nation. Abhijit’s another success story is Hotel Panchsheel Park, a very popular restaurant on Pune Ahmednagar highway in Maharashtra, India.

Having global exposure, international business was always on mind and hence he ventured into Import Export industry couple of year before along with partners having decades of experience in global trade. Within in less than three months of active involvement in Import Export Industry he was able to send his first export shipment to Asian country and also secured a long term export contract. He believes that if he can do it in less than three months anybody else can also do it…

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