Regular EXIM Support Meet (RESM)

Hey Aspiring Importers & Exporters get answers to your burning questions, connect with industry veterans, and supercharge your journey to success. Don't navigate the export world alone—let us guide you every step of the way! Attend if You are: New Exporter, Trader, Manufacturer, Supplier...

Don't Miss Out On Expert Insights On 18 Jun 2024 From 7 PM - 9 PM

Who Shouldn’t Attend?

Job Seekers

This meet is not for individuals seeking employment but is tailored for active practitioners and entrepreneurs in the import-export field.

Complete Novices

Those with no prior import-export experience may find the discussions overwhelming; this meet is for those already engaged in or intending to engage in import-export activities.

Networking Enthusiasts

While connections are valued, this meet prioritizes meaningful engagement over casual networking; it's best suited for those genuinely interested in import-export activities.
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What is Regular EXIM Support Meet?

Our weekly meet is a vibrant online community where beginners and seasoned professionals in the import-export domain asks questions to our Mentor Mr. Abhijit Shinde who shares his knowledge, insights, and experiences.

Through interactive sessions, participants gain valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of global trade, understanding regulatory frameworks, optimising logistics, and identifying lucrative market opportunities.

What is Regular EXIM Support Meet?

Benefits of joining the Regular EXIM Support Meet!

Knowledge Sharing
Gain insights from industry experts and fellow participants on various aspects of import-export, including regulations, market trends, and best practices.
Connect with a diverse community of import-export professionals, ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans. Build valuable relationships, establish partnerships, and exchange contacts within the industry.
Receive personalised assistance and guidance for your specific export-related queries and challenges from our Mentor Mr. Abhijit Shinde directly.
Stay abreast of the latest developments, trends, and innovations shaping the import-export industry. Our weekly meetings offer ongoing educational opportunities and discussions on relevant topics.
Harness the power of collective wisdom as participants share experiences and insights, fostering an environment of collaborative growth and innovation in import-export practices.
Receive unparalleled support through every phase of your import-export journey, ensuring you navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence and expert guidance.
Engage in collaborative learning with fellow participants, leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences to tackle import-export challenges collectively and uncover innovative solutions for mutual success.

Meet Your Mentor

5.56 Million+ Views
58,000+ Members
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Abhijit Shinde, the founder of the Import-Export Federation (IEF) and his team is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to learn and start their import-export businesses.

He has done his engineering with MBA and has served fortune 500 companies in his stint as IT Management Consultant in UK, Netherlands and Singapore.

He has more than 22 years of work experience across multiple industries like IT, Hospitality & Agriculture. In 2018 he diversified into export business and also started helping others to overcome challenges in the international trade industry.

His Experience and Expertise

Expertise Across Industries

Possess extensive expertise in exporting a diverse range of products:

Perishable and non-Perishable Agricultural Products: Fruits, Vegetables, Rice, Wheat flour, Spices, Jaggery, Packaged food, Processed food, Livestock

Other industries: Engineering products, textiles, leather, handicrafts, chemicals, and confectioneries.

India's Largest Network of 60,000+ Importers & Exporters

Utilising our services like training, licensing, advisory services, many entrepreneurs successfully launched export businesses.

We have equipped over 100,320 entrepreneurs with essential skill and dedicated end-to-end support to entrepreneurs in import-export ventures.

The Man Behind Import-Export Federation

Over 22+ years of diverse work experience across multiple industries. Extensive knowledge and insights gained from on-ground work in the international trade industry.

Contributing to India's export target of $1 trillion, demonstrating consistent growth and impact.

New to Import Export? We Have Got You Covered.

Online Course Batch
4th - 18th June 2024
6 PM To 9 PM
Speaker:Abhijit Shinde
Platform: Zoom
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Offline Course Pune
28th Jun - 1st Jul 2024
8 AM - 2 PM
Speaker:Abhijit Shinde
Platform: At Pune’s Office
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JNPT Business Tour
24th June 2024
7 AM - 7 PM
Place: JNPT Port, Mumbai
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Dubai Business Tour
05th - 10th June 2024
10 AM To 6 PM
Place: Dubai
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Federation’s Success Stories

Entrepreneurs Attended
1147+ Containers
Exported by our Students

We are India's Largest Network of 60,000+ Importers & Exporters

What successful exporters say about Federation

Ravi Shukla

Web site of my company was designed by the team of the Import Export Federation after the completion of the import-export course I pursued. The web designing team is very professional and they maintain continuous communication to deliver the best. Awesome work done!! Keep up the excellent work you have been doing.
Ashutosh Shelke

Abhijit Sir taught all the concepts in great detail with examples wherever necessary. He is really a genuine person and I assure you, you will definitely get more than what you paid for. I'm really thankful to the Import Export Federation for creating this course and educating us. Now I'm ready to start exporting my products.
NK's Biryani House

I joined the Import Export federation course. It was an amazing experience to learn new things with them, and also received end-to-end information about each and every concept with real-time examples and practicals. If you want to really do a carrier in import-export, then surely join this import export federation course.


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The meet is open to anyone involved in import-export activities, including traders, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and logistics professionals, seeking to expand their knowledge, network, and skills in the global trade arena.

The meet is held twice in a month to ensure consistent access to support, networking opportunities, and collaborative learning for participants.

You can join the meet by registering online through our platform. Once registered, you will receive access to the scheduled sessions and any additional resources provided.

No. It will be a one to one session as in QnA, however meanwhile rest of the participants can wait for their turn also they can learn what others are facing & what solution, Mr. Abhijeet Shinde is giving.

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