Refund Policy


To ensure the ”Import Export Federation”, hereby known as the ”Company/We/Us/Our”, delivers a transparent, adequate, and efficient Refund Process.


Our refund policy applies to all students who have or are undergoing any course/tour/service by the Import Export Federation or are going to participate in any of our paid offerings. Any money received directly or indirectly from the Student applies to the Refund Policy. The refund policy is also applicable for Miscellaneous Student Fees, deposits, the payment received for study material, etc.

Policy statement

We assure you that the Import Export Federation will conduct a refund of students’ fees (wherever applicable) honestly & ethically only if it satisfies our Export Trade Payment Policy, Refund Policy, Payment installment facility, Client Cancellation Policy, Client Declaration, Federation Declaration, & Client Signup Policy.


  • We ensure that the Refund Policy is available online on our Website.
  • We ensure that the Refund Policy is available on the admission forms.
  • We ensure a smooth process for a refund.
  • We ensure that the Refund Policy has clear & understandable clauses.
  • A complete calculation of the refund amount will be given to the students.

Grounds for a refund:

  • A student who has paid a full or partial amount and withdraws/takes back the enrollment for any course, tour, or service before it starts is eligible for a refund.
  • A student who pays the complete amount before the completion of the course/tour/service is eligible for a discount only if a company is running any such scheme & that scheme is mentioned in our company policy. The amount of discount will solely depend upon the discretion of the Founder of the Import Export Federation.
  • A student paying extra money by mistake will be eligible for a refund.
  • A student purchasing study material from us and not getting that material in 30 days will be eligible for a refund.

The Company may refuse to continue our offerings if:

  • A student does not pay the full fees in the asked period by the management of the company.
  • Disobeying company policies by the student.
  • Students canceling the tours organized by us before 15-30 days.

We reserve the right to deduct a certain amount from the Refund amounts paid by the student:

  • Money received in the form of service tax, VAT, CST, or any other local taxes, as applicable.
  • Administration expenses.
  • Bank charges are incurred by the company while receiving fees from students.

Refund processing time & method:

  • Any refund requested by the student will be first reviewed by the Import Export Federation. From reviewing to actual processing, it might take 15-30 days. 
  • Students must provide-
    • Full Name
    • Bank account number
    • Bank name
    • Bank address
    • IFSC code
    • Swift code
  • Refunds will be processed through NEFT / RTGS / Cheque.
  • An acknowledgment of the refund will be provided to the student.

If the cheque expires due to non-deposition within 3 months of the date mentioned on the cheque, the refund will be canceled and the student will not be entitled to any refund amount.

Client Signup Policy

  • We understand that everyone is interested in earning good money and starting a business is one of the best options. Many people are looking forward to getting into the Import Export Business and hence they seek knowledge and support to start it. So, we try to help them in the following manner
  • Federation run advertisements  
  • Prospects watch or visit Websites/advertisements 
  • Prospects register their interest in the Federation’s one or more services Prospects fill up an online form with their basic information 
  • Or Prospect contact federation by another medium like a phone call or message or office visit After receiving the lead (any client communication regarding our services), our team contacts the client and provide all information about our services 
  • The client gets all their doubts cleared 
  • The client negotiates the price of the service 
  • Our team offers the final price 
  • Client makes partial or full payment to register for particular service Client pays remaining payment before consuming service  
  • The Import Export Federation offers service to clients who make full payments for a particular service  

Import Export Federation Declaration

Federation provides business information –

The Import Export Federation declares that we are a service-based organization engaged in educating and facilitating international trade. We do not recommend any buyer or seller. We just provide the required information to our clients which can help them to make their business decisions or so. Federation teaches import export business concepts and does not recommend any product, industry, buyer, bank, insurance company, CHA, or any other associated stakeholder. But we provide some information about it, who’s offering what services. 

Federation is not responsible for any business decision of the client –

Federation is not responsible for any product selection, buyer selection, payment issues, banking issues, insurance issues, logistics issues, market situation, commission, or brokerage payment issues or so. But we can provide information on how to resolve such issues if it’s in our capacity.

Information is the same for all but everyone will get different results in their businesses Business course and knowledge is the same for all participants, but few succeed and few couldn’t 

as it depends on their capacity, risk appetite, financial background, decision-making, network, the right information, and overall capability.

Client Declaration:

Any client who is going to sign up for any paid or free service of the Federation must accept the following declaration. 

I _________(full name)____________ understand and Acknowledge that 

 Import Export Business is a Trading business 

1. I need to decide on Products to trade in and get all knowledge about them on my own 

2. I need to find a Buyer and Supplier for my product 

3. I need to Invest for Business and I fully understand all business risks involved 

4. Import Export Federation teaches How to Find Buyers and doesn’t give Buyers to anybody as every transaction involves business risks like origin, quality, packaging, on-time delivery, banking, financials, profitability, commission, taxes, duty, licenses, permissions, govt registrations, documentations, holidays, CHA, freight forwarder, other country policy, buyer credit rating, exporter credit rating, insurances, etc 

5. Import Export Federation is facilitating Export and Import Activities in their capacity and there are success stories who have exported and imported hence I believe I can also do it 

6. Import Export Federation is not committing or guaranteeing any Export or Import Shipment 

7. The Import Export Federation cannot comment on goods rate, freight, profit, or loss in any deal 

8. India’s Import Export Policy, Government Schemes, International Policy, and Market 

Conditions keep changing frequently and it is my responsibility to update myself about them regularly 

9. Import Export Federation offers support through email, WhatsApp, and phone calls 

10. Import Export Federation offers support in person by appointment only if required and as per the team’s time availability 

11. Course Fees are for classroom coaching only and additional service charges may be applicable for additional services like a port visit, custom clearance or licensing, etc

12. GST Taxes needs to be paid additionally by participants as applicable 

Client Cancellation Policy:

  • The client must register for any service after taking all information  
  • Registering and paying for any service is the client’s own decision 
  • The company never makes any false commitment and never forces anyone to pay for any services, it’s purely based on client need 
  • The client must use the correct bank information or link for making a payment 
  • Federation is not responsible for any payment transferred to the wrong account 
  • The client can cancel any service by writing an email with a valid reason 
  • If there are any communication gaps or delays from our side then the client should write an email about it, and the federation team will try to resolve the issue 
  • Services like training programs have limited seats and hence clients need to pre-book their seats by paying in advance. Federation in turn pays for the facilities and software and other services required for conducting training programs. Hence there is a cost for client handling, follow-up efforts, booking system, software, using payment gateways, banking, service taxes, and reserving the space which we could have offered to another client. In case of cancellation, the client has to bear some costs partially 

Payment installment facility:

  • Installment facility is offered to some clients on case to case basis  
  • The client must pay all installments on time 
  • If any payment due is delayed then 3% per month interest will be applicable on the due amount 
  • If the remaining payment is not made on time then services will be terminated with immediate effect  
  • An invoice will be provided only after full payments are made by the client

Refund Policy 

  • The client must verify all information and understand all terms and conditions before registering for any services
  • In case any client cancels any service then 10% of the service price is deducted against expenses as mentioned in the clauses
  • After deducting 15% the remaining payment will be transferred to the client account within one month 
  • If there are any issues related to refund the same can be discussed with the manager 
  • All issues should be sorted out amicably 
  • If there are any conflicts then the client should not try to defame or write any bad words about the Federation. Otherwise strong legal action will be taken for damaging the Federation brand, and penalties can be quite high 
  • All disputes and legal issues are subject to Pune district jurisdiction

Export Trade Payment Policy 

Before sending any export shipment, every Exporter must read and understand all points 

  • Federation provides the estimation template to calculate product offer price, expenses, loss or profit, etc 
  • Exporters need to take an actual quotation from the Supplier and CHA 
  • Exporters need to talk directly with Dubai Party and take Dubai Expenses Quotation in writing via email before sending a consignment 
  • The exporter should always negotiate with the supplier, CHA, and Dubai party for their expenses and quotation. 
  • The exporter should also verify all quotations with other suppliers in the market in India and Dubai also 
  • Always take references and feedback before signing the deal. 
  • Keep most of the communication on email and wrap for future reference 
  • The most important things are product specifications, quality, packaging, documents, and terms with the Dubai importer 
  • The exporter must mention Incoterms and Payment Terms on the invoice
  • The exporter must know all risks in export including product, timeline, market rate, etc Make it clear if you are sending on Fixed Price or Commission basis (& how much) Federation is not responsible for any miscommunication, misinformation, previous experiences 
  • Federation is not responsible for any profit or loss or any other issue in this trade. 
  • This is a trade between exporter and importer where the Federation is just an advisory body to facilitate trade 
  • Dubai Market rate changes every day, nobody can predict the rate after 10 Days 
  • Today’s market rate is indicative only and there are high chances of loss and profit also, please understand this trade 
  • Take Today’s USD, and AED conversion rate from the bank, CHA, and the buyer also
  • Federation doesn’t recommend any buyer. But we may mention with whom we are trading. After all it’s the Exporter’s decision only 
  • This is just a template and the Exporter must calculate actual figures based on today’s rates