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25 Year Old Young Man Exporting Chana Dal

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MR. Shree Hari Kaliya, one of our associates from Latur, has been exporting pulses and is succeeding in the import-export industry. In order to understand the import export business, we can acknowledge how he started the firm in this blog.


Mr. Shree Hari Kaliya received his engineering degree from Pune University and spent some time working in the IT sector. Following his decision to join the family firm, he began looking into other business options. Then his father suggested that he study import export business. Mr. Shree Hari completed his online import-export course and thought this industry was really fascinating. Following the import-export course, he began looking for goods that were primarily exported from India. because he comes from an agricultural family with a background in oil seeds and pulses. Then he made a decision regarding his own goods, which were being sold domestically by his father and brother. His product was already chosen, and he was aware that pulses were being sold to several nations in large amounts.

How did he find the buyers and reached out to them?

Initially, he created his own website, Maheshwari Overseas, so potential customers could research him and learn more about his business.

He had no customers when he first started his import-export business. Then, in October 2021, he traveled to Dubai.  He investigated the Dubai market and went to establishments that brought pulses into their nation. He had a ton of questions following his business trip to Dubai during the first three to four months, but he was unable to turn those inquiries into orders. The reason is the price disparity between them.  He was sourcing from the Latur region, which accounted for the pricing discrepancy. Due to market turbulence at the time, prices were high.

After about four to five months, he was given another chance to visit Dubai. This time, the Gulfood Festival is well recognized as the largest agricultural trade show. When he went to the Gulfood festival, he met a lot of significant businesses from Dubai and other nations across the world, which inspired him to pursue import export business.

          He received a great deal of questions after returning from the Goffood festival in India, but he was unable to turn them into orders. Then he discovered our page Import Export Federation and learned more about the services we provide. In the month of April, Mr. Shree Hari accompanied us on a trip to the JNPT port. They gained actual knowledge of the ports, the CFS’s operation, and the specifics of the CFS.

His first shipment

After joining the import-export federation and learning from us, he kept getting follow-ups from the customers. His and the buyer’s prices eventually matched, and that was a breakthrough for him after much trial and error. His first shipment of chickpeas was completed in May 2022. He has finished his 3 orders and 8 shipments so far.

Where did he find a buyer and verified them?

In essence, he discovered the purchasers at the Gulfood festival, and it turned out that they were a worldwide corporation with locations all over the world. He looked at their website and considered contacting ECGS for verification, but the business seemed well-established. He also sought advice from the Import Export Federation after beginning to work with them.  

         After the initial shipment, the business determined that his work and product quality was satisfactory, so they gave him his second order of chana Dal. For this order, they first requested that he send them a sample, and after determining that the product’s quality was satisfactory, they finalized the order and issued him a request for five containers.

Investment Payment terms and INCO terms

The cost to send samples of the product was between 2k and 3k, and they weighed roughly 2kg. For the initial shipment, the INCO terms were CAD (Cash Against Documents). Following the development of a trusting relationship between the company and Mr. Hari, the subsequent shipments were paid for using the scan bail copy. His initial investment, which consisted of just one container and included all fees such as Freight, CHA, custom clearness, etc., was in the range of 20 – 22 lakh.


          Everyone has the ability to do import export business like Mr. Shree Hari Kaliya and achieve success like him. India has enormous import and export possibilities. Such persons can enter this industry with the assistance of our import-export federation.

July 25, 2023
Import Export Federation