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12 Best Import Export Business Ideas For Indians!

12 Best Import Export Business Ideas for Indians!

What are some of the most profitable Import Export Business Ideas for Indians? The world is no longer as big as it once was. With the ever-growing markets, you can now buy a product from one end of the world from India! While sitting in India, you can now buy a product made in the USA, the UK, UAE, or any other country, either online or even offline! Similarly, as our world gets more and more interconnected, the opportunities to export from India keep growing steadfast.

This is why with the right products and right practices, absolutely anyone can start a fairly profitable export business from our nation. There are also no limits to this! With practically no experience, less budget, and even no capital, you can reach various countries. All you need to do is study the right trends, analyze the market of your product, and follow all the logistics, documentation, and customs processes.

All of this is available in our 100-day-Action-Plan which allows you to successfully export your products to global markets! But what industries and what types of products have the most scope for Indian sellers? Listed below are some of the top import and export business ideas for Indian sellers!

Top 12 Import Export Business Ideas for Indian Sellers:

Export Business Ideas:

1. Import Export Business Ideas: Textile

One of the biggest export markets in India is the textile market. Being famous for our traditional prints and designs, the textiles and garments in India are much sought after worldwide. Some top exporting countries are UAE, USA, UK, Japan, European Union, etc. The government also has several schemes in place to further propel the export of Indian textiles.

2. Import Export Business Ideas: Footwear

Indian footwear is well-loved worldwide. Some popular types of footwear include casual, sportswear, formal, and many more. The top exporting countries include UAE, Netherlands, China, and Brazil. In the year of 2019, the Indian footwear market amounted to $9.70 billion. This is a great field to enter the import export market with!

3. Import Export Business Ideas: Mineral Fuels

Mineral fuel export is a good opportunity for Indian exporters. Being rich in minerals, India is home to coal, mica, manganese ore, limestone, and iron ore. One advantage of mineral fuel export is that the demand for it will never go down!

4. Import Export Business Ideas: Spices

Among the most exported products from India, spices rank high above the list! There are 109 varieties of spices listed by the ISO (International Organization for standardization), out of which our nation proudly produces 75! Some of the countries that love our spices worldwide are Canada, the USA, Australia, and UAE. The tricky part about the spice market is that a proper analysis of the market must be carried out before you export.

5. Import Export Business Ideas: Tea

As loved as tea is among Indians, it is also equally loved over the world- and especially Indian tea! Some famously exported Indian tea includes Kangra tea, Darjeeling tea, and Assam tea. 10% of the world’s tea is made in India! The top Indian tea exporting countries are Russia, the USA, the UK, and Iran.

6. Import Export Business Ideas: Raw Ingredients

Another excellent opportunity for export includes raw materials such as rice or sugarcane. India has good climate conditions for these crops, and our agricultural background helps as well! There are also many government schemes hugely promoting Indian agricultural export, making it an easy and profitable business to start out.

7. Import Export Business Ideas: Jewelry

Out of the total exports that go out of India, Jewelry and gems take up a whopping 12% of the pie! If you can select the right products and target the right market, you can earn in dollars and heavy in this industry. Like textiles, traditional Indian jewelry is aesthetic, which makes it popular globally. Some popular products from this industry are Kundan, copper, gold, silver, etc.

8. Import Export Business Ideas: Leather

Leather products have been seeing an upward trend in export from India recently. These include clothing, furniture, and even leather footwear! In India, the states that export these products the most are Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir, and West Bengal among others.

9. Import Export Business Ideas: Handicrafts & Home Decor

The traditional and delicate designs that come from Indian Handicrafts and home decor pieces are extremely loved in global markets. Some of the countries that these have the most demand in are France, USA, UK, UAE, and Canada. Indian products such as pottery, glassware, metalware, and woodware are popular.

Import Business Ideas:

10. Vegetable Oil
11. Medical Supplies
12. Heavy Machinery


As you can see, the ground to start a business in India is huge. In this, there are countless import export business ideas that you can adapt to start your own venture. Before you start, you need the correct guidance and teaching about not just the documentation aspects, but also market trends, negotiation, clearing customs, and much more.

Most importantly, you need to identify genuine buyers with whom you can crack a profitable deal. You can learn how to do all of this with the Federation! Our online and offline courses along with port visits and tours to Dubai markets prepare you fully and allow you to interact with importers as well. Register and start your import export journey today!

January 2, 2023
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