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3 Top Exporting Companies In India And What Makes Them Successful

3 Top Exporting Companies in India & What Sets Them Apart

India does not fall behind in the exporting countries of the world and exists in the top 20 of the biggest exporters. In fact, our nation is home to names of top exporting companies, those whose revenues lie in billions of dollars. Despite the ever-growing high competition in International markets, these companies have managed to plant their spots at the top, with their names being featured in the Forbes top 2000 companies for many years.

But have you ever wondered how these companies managed to reach their peak? What practices did they commit to and what sets them apart? Here are a few top exporting companies in India- and the stories of what sets them apart in the Industry. 

What makes the 3 Top Exporting Companies in India Stand Out?

1. Reliance Industries – Turning Weakness Into Strength

When you hear the name Reliance, what probably pops into your mind is petroleum or telecom production. The company exports 15% of our nation’s total export through oil and gas. The main countries and regions Reliance exports to include Europe, Africa, and America. Without a doubt, Reliance is among the top export companies in India with an extensive International buyers list. But, did you know that Reliance also owns Asia’s largest mango orchard? This is how a mango orchard saved the world’s largest refinery in the world.

Dhirubhai Ambani Lakhibag Amrayee, which is what the orchard is called, produces a whopping 127 varieties of mangoes every year. These include household Indian names such as Kesar, Alphonso, Ratna, Sindhu, Neelam, and Amrapali. Reliance takes it up a notch by also producing foreign types of mangoes including Tommy Atkins and Kent. Both Indian and foreign mangoes are sold locally as well as exported internationally on a large scale. The question arises- how exactly did the top export company manage to place themselves into the market of the popular summer fruit, and establish one of the largest mango orchards in the world? 

While it’s no secret that Reliance is an Indian Conglomerate, its journey as a mango exporter was tricky. In 1997, Reliance’s refinery in Jamnagar, which is the largest refinery in the world today, faced warnings from pollution control boards. Reliance tackled this issue by subsequently converting the wastelands surrounding the refinery into a mango orchard. More than 200 species of Mangoes, in a total estimated 1.3 lakh Mango plants were planted. 

Today the orchard spans 600 acres and faces issues such as water scarcity and arid land. But, the top export company in India uses modern solutions such as drip irrigation, water harvesting, and simultaneous fertilization to overcome the problems. Moreover, Reliance makes use of a desalination plant for water in the green belt. What started as a threat to the company was transformed into a plus point by Reliance using its innovation and smart thinking! This forward-thinking is what lists Reliance Industries’ name among the top export companies of India.

2. Tata Motors – The Great Comeback Into Indian Market

It’s no secret that Tata Motors is the leading production house of automobiles and commercial vehicles in India. Tata Motors is also one of the top export companies in India, with its products reaching to countries like Latin America, Africa, and Vietnam. But, little do people know that the automobile counterpart of Tata was facing problems in the mid-2000s. This is how Tata Motors turned around the game and re-established itself in the Indian market.

When you think of Tata, you think of its existence in Indian homes. It’s a household name, and since its inception in 1868, has transformed into the largest Indian Conglomerate. Tata entered the vehicle industry in 1998 under the subsidiary Tata Motors, and launched the massively popular “Indica Hatchback”. For a few years, things were looking good, until the company ran into difficulties. 

From 2005 onwards, the competition for automobiles grew with players like Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki stepping into the market. It was during this period that Tata Motors was falling behind its competitors. But, Tata Motors is a part of the top export companies in India for a reason and made use of their strong foundation to re-enter the Indian market. 

In 2016, Tata Tiago was launched. This car model was designed with such utter precision, that people who wanted a test drive thought it was a foreign design! Apart from the high-quality design change, the Tiago was a huge step up from Indica. Tata revolutionized and re-thought its production process, and created the Tiago as a modern and futuristic counterpart. Besides, the motor company also identified one of the biggest factors considered while buying a car- its added features. They worked towards developing all features of their models into the best in the industry. Furthermore, the company also made the switch from diesel to petrol, and also introduced AMT transmission along with Manual.

All these changes are what helped carry Tata Motors to the top export company in India. They could have stuck to their old design, but Tata was not afraid of change, and as a result, developed stellar designs renowned around the world today.

3. Sun Pharma – The Rise to Greatness

If I told you that the biggest company that dominates the pharma market today began with merely 5 workers and 5 products, it would sound impossible. But, such is the case with Sun Pharma, one of the largest specialty generic pharmaceutical & top export companies in India and the world. Here’s how the pharma giant found its way into the spotlight.  

Beginning from a humble notion, the company was founded by Dilip Shangvhi in 1983 with only five psychiatry ailments products. Over the years, more products were added to the company’s inventory, with cardiology products being introduced in 1983, and gastroenterology products in 1989. In 2014, the pharma conglomerate acquired Ranbaxy, which pushed it to the top and made it the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in the US. 30% of Sun Pharma’s turnover came from its footing in America, and a whopping 72% of sales come from international markets. 

Today, Sun Pharma dominates the markets of ortho, dermatology, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, diabetology, and urology, and is the first ranked prescription in India by several specialties of doctors. The inspiring story of Sun Pharma is one of the best examples of how consistency is key for a field like export, and further cements the enterprise into the names of the top export companies in India for years!


Rome wasn’t built in a day! Similarly, even though these brands are names of the top export companies in India, their journey to the top was possible through hard work and training. The import-export field is vast, and if you want to learn insights and the ins and outs of the industry, Import Export Federation (IEF) offers several online and offline courses & tours. Curated and led by experienced and expert exporters, our courses allow you to learn practical export so that you can launch your business with success! Visit our website to learn more about our offerings.

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Top Import and Export Companies in India Key Features

In the dynamic landscape of international trade, India stands as a key player with a myriad of top import and export companies driving economic growth. These enterprises have not only mastered the art of navigating global markets but have also become synonymous with reliability and excellence.

Key Features of India’s Top Import and Export Companies

  1. Reliability: These companies are known for their reliability in delivering products on time and in optimal condition.
  2. Global Reach: With a widespread network, these enterprises have established a global presence, reaching customers on every continent.
  3. Diverse Product Portfolio: From manufacturing to technology, the top import and export companies in India cover a diverse spectrum of industries.
  4. Innovation: Embracing innovation, these companies stay ahead of market trends, ensuring they provide cutting-edge products and services.
  5. Sustainability Initiatives: Many of these companies are also actively involved in sustainable practices, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly global trade environment.

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September 21, 2022
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